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Irina Ganieva

Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation

About speaker

Date of birth: May 5, 1976
Place of birth: pos. Zarechny, Belovo district, Kemerovo region

Higher in "Economics and Management at Machine Building Enterprises", Kuzbass State Technical University, 1998
Higher in Law, Novosibirsk Humanitarian University, 2004

Academic degree: Doctor of Economics, 2013; the topic of his doctoral thesis is “Prediction of agricultural production in conditions of cyclical fluctuations and innovative development: theory, methodology, practice”.

Additional education:

professional retraining in the framework of the Presidential program of management training for the program "Management", 2010

Internship “Strategic Management in the Agro-Industrial Complex” (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France), 2010

professional retraining according to the program of the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO “New Leaders of Higher Education in Russia”, 2013

advanced training program "Public Procurement", 2018

State and departmental awards
Medal "For a special contribution to the development of Kuzbass III degree", 2007
Medal “For service to Kuzbass”, 2011
Medal "For decent education of children", 2015; golden sign "Kuzbass", 2016

Work in the past
1993 - 1998: student of engineering and economics at the Kuzbass State Technical University;
1998 - time: Assistant, Senior Lecturer of the Department of Political Economy and Agricultural Economics, Associate Professor, Vice-Rector for Research, Rector of the Kemerovo State Agricultural Institute.

Professional experience (20 years) in the field of project management of strategic development of the agro-industrial complex, modeling and informatization of socio-economic and production systems.

Project manager:

"New quality of rural life" Strategy of the socio-economic development of the Kemerovo region until 2035;
"Development of information and educational environment of agricultural universities of Russia";
"The introduction of innovative information technologies in agriculture of the Kemerovo region" and others.

Additional Information
Member of the Council under the Governor of the Kemerovo region on the innovative and digital development of the regional economy; finalist of the contest "Leaders of Russia"; Member of the All-Russian Organization of Entrepreneurs "OPORA Russia".

Sessions participant