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Ron Ribitzky

R&D Ribitzky

About speaker

Formerly a Search & Rescue Flight Surgeon and Primary Care Physician, Dr. Ron is an entrepreneur with extensive global, uniquely-blended experience with Digital Health, Life Sciences Informatics and Precision Medicine. One of his major skills is to view things in a different light than anyone else previously has -- and to see the path to solutions where none had been available before. What makes him stand out is his passion and capability for bringing together clinical and business, technology and science, user experience, marketing and sales, operations, and ecosystem partners throughout the product and program lifecycle. A situational, roll-up-your-sleeve, collaborative type leader, Dr. Ron worked for and with leading global brands and world-class organizations, start-ups, R&D, and academia in the U.S. and 23 developed and emerging economy countries. Co-founder of SPH Analytics, he served as Senior Healthcare Strategist at Intel, VP Advanced Research at Eclipsys (now Allscripts), and CIO at University of Massachusetts Medical Center, among others; and held academic appointments at Harvard, UMass, Emory, and more. Dr. Ron has broad and deep hands-on, managerial, and scientific technology expertise in AI, IoT, Blockchain, Action Analytics, Big Data, Semantic Services, NLP, Search, Interoperability, Architecture, Roadmap, UX, Return-on-Adoption among others. He published, presented, and led workshops around the world on technology innovation and practice in industry events, public sector, and academia.

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