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Artem Yurov


About speaker

Born on May 20, 1962. In 1985, I graduated from the Faculty of Physics of Kaliningrad State University, in 1992 - graduate school at the Department of Theoretical Physics. During this period, I passed two exams on the theoretical Landau minimum (“Mechanics”, at the LD Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics (Chernogolovka) and “Quantum Mechanics” at the Institute for Physical Problems (Moscow).
Pedagogical and scientific activities began in 1989. I worked as an assistant at the Department of Theoretical Physics at KSU, then as Associate Professor, Head of the Department of Theoretical Physics, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Professor (defended at St. Petersburg State University), then BFU. I. Kant.
In BFU them. I. Kant works a group on relativistic cosmology, which I created, investigating the phenomenon of "dark energy" in collaboration with scientists from the universities of Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Vanderbilt University, Missouri University. The work of the research group received high praise and support from the University of Kyoto (Japan) from the Nobel Prize in Physics Toshihide Maskawa. Since 2011, I have headed two master's directions in the BFU for them. I. Kant: "Theoretical Physics" and "Physics of Nanostructures and Nanomaterials".
Currently, I am the Director of the Institute of Physical and Mathematical Sciences and Information Technologies.

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