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Michelle Ching


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Michelle Ching is a founder and CEO of Literator. Michelle was a teacher in Oakland who wanted to solve a critical problem in her classroom. Literacy instruction needed to improve if her students would be successful. Michelle recruited an ex-Apple designer and a serial startup CTO to help improve literacy among students. Together, they have built Literator. Now, as Founder and CEO of Literator, she is helping over 3,000 schools around the world meet their student's exact literacy needs. Literator has won several awards and honors from the TechStars Startup Weekend, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, Teach For America, Tech Inclusion, Camelback Ventures, and The Unreasonable Group. Xiaohoa Michelle Ching was listed as a 2018 Forbes 30 Under 30 in Education and a Forbes 30x100 "intelligencer" set to influence the next century. She has been a speaker at UC Berkeley, Stanford, Google, ASU-GSV, and SXSWedu, and has been featured in Forbes, Voice of America, Edsurge and Business Insider.

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