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Kirill Vojtyuk


About speaker

Kirill S. Voytyuk graduated from the Moscow State Institute of Electronics and Mechanics (Technical University). Since 2014 he has been working in the consulting company “IBIM”, one of the originators of the BIM movement in Russia. Kirill Voytyuk has in the portfolio large-scale projects in the field of implementation of integrated management systems.
The company, with Mr. Voytyuk among their leadership, is an acknowledged market leader in the sphere of implementation of BIM technologies, a leading expert in the field of construction project management on basis of visual planning, an official partner to the global software developing enterprises, while possessing a wide range of self-developed solutions. “IBIM” is proud of many successful projects, that have been realized in co-operation with the leading developing companies in Russia and the CIS member states.
The results of the work, that was done by Kirill Voytyuk and his team, was honored with professional awards. In 2017 and 2018, “IBIM” is acknowledged as the “BIM-leader of Russia”, thanks largely to the Business development Director.

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