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Maxim Zharenov

Skolkovo Foundation

About speaker

He started his career in 1994 at Rostelecom, where in 1997 he was one of the leaders who created the Rostelecom-Internet Center. He was a member of the Working group on domain administration ".RU", the author of the technical concept of the backbone data transmission network of OJSC "Rostelecom" on the basis of technologies TCP/IP, the first in Russia project IP network using IP packet switching technologies. He led research in the fields of broadband access technologies in the network of data transmission by radio channels, the use of radio technologies for the transmission of all types of traffic, improving the efficiency of territorial and frequency planning, taking into account the features of mass development in large cities of Russia, traffic management in broadband radio access networks. In 2002 he was the first in Russia to promote WiMAX technology. In 2007, he joined TRIVON AG (Switzerland), a subsidiary of Vigrin Group (UK), as Chief Executive Officer for the Russian part of the group's business. Prior to joining the SKOLKOVO Foundation, he worked as CEO at Russian Towers LLC (USA).

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