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Igor Ishchenko

Technopolis Moscow

About speaker

Igor Ishchenko, acting CEO of SEZ Technopolis Moscow.
He has been CEO of JSC Technopolis Moscow since 2011. Concurrently he has been holding position of acting CEO of SEZ Technopolis Moscow.
Previously he had held management positions in various electric power companies for 10 years.
Igor Ishchenko has managed to turn a divided territory into the flagship project of the Moscow City Government during his 7 years in Technopolis Moscow. Currently Technopolis Moscow is the only technopark, which has recouped its infrastructure investment cost.
Igor Ishchenko and his team have been actively involved in the project development of the Russian Industrial Zone in Egypt. Nowadays they continue to develop industrial areas in various Russian regions.
He is also a contributor for Forbes, Vedomosti, RusBase and other business publications.