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Victor Dostov

Saint-Petersburg State University

About speaker

Dr. Viktor Dostov is a President of the Russian Electronic Money and Remittance Association (REMA), the industrial body representing major e-payments and fund transfer companies in Russia. As one of the leading experts in Russian retail payments sector, Dr. Dostov is heading REMA since its inception.
Dr. Dostov is a senior researcher at the St. Petersburg State University.
Dr. Dostov participates in the workings of core national consultative and expert bodies on retail finance, including under the aegis of the Russian Central Bank, Monitoring Service of the Russian Federation (Rosfinmonitoring), Russian Parliament, the Ministry of Finance, CGAP, FATF, Eurasian Group on AML/CFT, AFI.

Victor is a regular speaker at international conferences on electronic money, retail payments and financial inclusion, the author of analytical publications on regulation, management and future of payment industry. He teaches at the International Banking Institute (Saint-Petersburg).

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