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Aleksi Kopponen

Ministry of Finance of Finland

About speaker

Aleksi Kopponen is a Special Advisor of Digitalization at Ministry of Finance in Finland, pioneering customer-centric governance and cross-sectoral ecosystem operating models in action.

Aleksi’s responsibilities have included preparation and implementation of the principles of digitalization, implementation of The Playbook of Digitalization, and supervision of the digitalization supporting team D9 in State Treasury. Aleksi has also supported the preparation of the Government projects for digitalization of processes, in total of 100 M€ in between years 2015 and 2016.

The Finnish Government has decided to introduce a new approach to strengthen customer-centric management, digitalization and creation and development of ecosystems. In this new operational model, smart services are organized around people's life events and business events in cross-border cooperation. Aleksi has had the main responsibility for preparation and implementation of this new approach.

Since people and communities need different services at different times, Finland has introduced #AuroraAI, an artificial intelligence network where information and service needs move between different smart applications in a cross-sectoral manner. #AuroraAI will serve in all life events and business events, regardless of the time in a uniform and ethical way.