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Aleksandr Gorbachev

University of Tyumen

About speaker

Born on 16.01.1991 in Tyumen city in family of journalists. Started his career as operator of computer typesetting in "Surgut Internews" company. From 2006 to 2008 was working as press designer in several magazines and newspapers. In 2008 enrolled in University of Tyumen, computer security faculty. In 2012 became a bronze medalist in international competition "IT-planet" in nomination of "Systems and networks of data transfer" and gold medalists in WorldSkills Russian Open Moscow competition in skill "IT Network Systems Administration". In 2013 became silver medalist in IX Cisco networking academy open competition, gold medalist of the 1st National Worldskill Russia competition and became a part of first national team which took part in 42nd WorldSkills International competition in Leipzig, Germany. In 2014 enrolled in University of Tyumen PhD program for "Methods and means of information security" and also became WorldSkills Russia expert for skill "IT network systems administration". In 2015 enrolled in State University of New York MS program for Computer Science. In 2016 became a bronze medalist of 5th Euroskills competition for "ICT specialists" skill in Gothenburg, Sweden. In 2017 graduated from State University of New York and became russian national expert for "IT network systems administration" in WorldSkills Russia. In 2017 founded "Network systems administration laboratory" in University of Tyumen.