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Marina Rakova

Educational Development Fund

About speaker

Rakova Marina Nikolayevna – Director General of the Federal State Autonomous Institution «Russian Foundation for Educational Development», the federal operator of the network of children's technoparks «Kvantorium», Head of projects on career guidance and motivation of children’s engagement in scientific and technical creativity.
She is the author of numerous publications, monographs in the field of comparative-right analysis, as well as more than 30 theorems in the field of fundamental mathematics.
Marina Rakova is the leader of the strategic initiative «New model of additional education for children», which has been approved on May 27, 2015 by the supervisory board of the Agency for strategic initiatives, which is chaired by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.
Young scientists, academicians of the Russian Academy of Sciences, representatives of the most courageous and innovative start-ups, representatives of industrial enterprises and state companies have been united by Marina Rakova around the idea of an accelerated technical development of children.
This initiative on creation of children's technoparks has allowed to introduce a new form of development of an additional education support infrastructure.
Kvantoriums are funded by three sources: extrabudgetary, federal and regional budgets. The total amount of financing for 2 years was about 4 billion rubles: 2 billion was allocated from the federal budget, 600 million from the budgets of the regions, and 1.3 billion rubles were raised extra-budgetary.
The Educational Development Fund aims to create a unified system of children's technology parks «Kvantorium» in Russia, to develop innovative forms of education in the regions both in the technical and humanitarian areas of additional education and developing methods and programs for shaping the future Personnel reserve for the innovative economy of Russia.
This Initiative of creating «growth points» in the educational sphere has become the basis of the Priority Project «Accessible additional education for children» approved by the Presidential Council on strategic development and priority projects.
This initiative on creation of children's technoparks "Kvantorium" became the winner of the "Development Award" in the nomination "The Best Project for the Integrated Development of Territories" in 2017.
Marina Rakova leader of the imitative was awarded the Gratitude of the President of Russian Federation.