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Ekaterina Avilova

GE Healthcare

About speaker

Ekaterina Avilova is a graduate of the Russian State Medical University in 2006 with a degree in biochemistry with many years of international research experience (since 2003) in the field of molecular biology and fundamental oncology (N.N. Blokhin Russian oncology research center, Moscow, Russia and Fox Chase Cancer Center, Philadelphia, USA). In 2015, Ekaterina was awarded the degree of Candidate of Biological Sciences for her scientific achievements in oncology for her experimental work, which makes it possible to evaluate the promise of targeted therapy aimed at suppressing cancer for the treatment of hormone-independent breast cancer. Since 2006, Ekaterina, as part of the GE Healthcare Life Sciences team, has been promoting high technologies to the Russian market for the development and production of new biopharmaceutical preparations for targeted therapy, the development and production of new biomedical cell products for immunotherapy (CAR-T). In 2018, Ekaterina joined the advisory council of the Tech in Media contest on the topic “Life Sciences”.

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