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Brian Frumberg


About speaker

Brian Frumberg is the CEO & Founder of VentureOut and the Co-Founder and President of the NYC Innovation Collective. Driven by a passion for technology and startups, Brian planted his flag in NY’s tech community when he joined Gotham Ventures in 2009 and began charting his own path in 2012 with the launch of VentureOut. VentureOut is now regularly ranked as the top 10 most active accelerators in the world and Brian has been named one of NYC tech's 35 people to watch in 2016 by Built In NYC.
VentureOut sources top technology companies from around the world and helps them to launch, raise capital and scale in the US market. To date, VentureOut has supported over 800 companies from 25 countries that have raised over $150mm from investors like Mark Zuckerberg and exited to companies like Google. VentureOut works with over 40 governments around the world and accelerates over 250 companies each year through their programs, bringing more international startups to the U.S. than any other organization in the world.
Brian is Co-Founder & President of the Board of the NYC Innovation Collective, a nonprofit which represents over 100 accelerators, incubators and other platforms of innovation in NYC. He is also on the Board of, a promising fintech startup, and a founding member of the Innovation Council for, a Silicon Valley nonprofit focused on immigration reform. Brian’s career has spanned venture capital, consulting, business development and sales in roles at Gotham Ventures, OTR Global and Standard & Poor's. Brian received his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Richmond.