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Andrey Selskiy

Data Economy

About speaker

Director in the field of Personnel and Education
Graduated from Moscow State University named after Lomonosov, also finished a postgraduate diploma program in HR management at the MIRBIS Institute. Previously worked in the departments responsible for personnel management in Schlumberger, MTS and Sakhalin Energy (Shell / Gazprom joint venture). During his work in ZAO ECOPSY Consulting he cooperated with the largest Russian and international companies, implementing consulting projects in the field of talent management, developing competency models, personnel strategy. In ANO Organizing Committee Sochi 2014 he went from the project manager to the director of the department of organizational development, was responsible for the implementation of the training program for personnel and volunteers of the Olympic and Paralympic Games. For his contribution to the organization of the Games, he was awarded with the gratitude of the President of Russia V.V. Putin. As a Deputy Head of the Personnel Management Department, Russian Railways Andrei oversaw the training and development of company executives and specialists and the development of educational programs. In Sberbank, he was responsible for non-commercial projects aimed at integrating the approaches and practices of developing the skills of the 21st century into the Russian general education.

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