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Matt Stephens


About speaker

In 2014, Matt Stephens, author of ‘Revolution in a Heartbeat’ and a leading authority on employee engagement and experience, founded Inpulse.

Inpulse is a fast-growing engagement platform that is helping some of the world’s most well-known businesses – improve their performance and overall employee experience by engaging with their employees in a transparent, agile and collaborative way. From ASOS to Zurich from Balfour Beatty to Heathrow, Inpulse is changing the way companies measure and drive employee engagement and experience in real-time. They also help businesses develop leaders, shape culture and inspire communications. All three of which are strongly connected to employee engagement and experience.

When Inpulse was first launched in 2014, they set out to challenge the traditional approaches to engagement, with many organisations showing resistance and hesitation. Now, by championing the importance of leaders making emotional connections with employees and as a result of the transformational success of Inpulse in a wide range of large corporations, the platform is helping organisations measure engagement for various purposes - throughout the employee experience (from on boarding to exiting), during change, at events, through training and development programmes, to measure culture and values, and well-being .

Prior to 2014 Matt spent over a decade working for some of the world's most well known brands consulting and advising on how to improve internal communications and employee engagement.