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Peter Scharff

TU Ilmenau

About speaker

Peter Scharff is a German chemist and since 2004 Rector of the Technical University of Ilmenau. Studied chemistry at the TU Clausthal. There followed in 1987 his doctorate and in 1991 the habilitation in the field of inorganic chemistry. After completing a visiting professorship at the University of Thorn, in 1996 he was appointed as an unscholarly professor. In 1999, Scharff followed the call for a professorship in chemistry at the TU Ilmenau. Between 2000 and 2004 he headed the Institute of Physics before being elected Rector of the TU Ilmenau in April 2004.
For his cooperation with Eastern European universities he received in 2007 the honorary professorship of the Southern Russian State Technical University in Novocherkassk as well as an honorary doctorate from the Moscow Energetic Institute of the Technical University of Moscow. Since 2000 he is a member of the Academy of Charitable Sciences in Erfurt