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Gennadiy Margolit

Moscow Exchange

About speaker

Graduated from Plekhanov Institute of National Economy in 1982 and successfully completed a course at the Post Graduate School of State Academy of Management with a PhD degree in economics in 1992.
Gennady Margolit worked for the Russian Academy of Science at the Institute of Market Issues. After completing a one-year Market Economy course offered by the World Bank in cooperation with The Joint Vienna Institute in 1994, Gennady Margolit joined the MICEX Group of companies as a lead economist where he took part in the launch and development of the securities market at MICEX and was promoted to Stock Market Director and later appointed Vice-President. The primary responsibility area: operations and development of Innovation and Investment Market Sector, as well as Growth Sector, which was established in July 2017 for the purpose of cooperation with the midcap companies