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Aleksey Barykin

GRT Consulting

About speaker

2002 - graduate of Moscow military institute;
2003-2008 yy - executive officer, electronic industry enterprises, Moscow, Kaluga;
2008-2011 yy - lecture, assistant professor of FSU HSE (, Moscow;
2011-2013 yy - head of department of Civil Industry, Minfin of Russian Federation;
2013-2015 yy - deputy Director of Department of Strategic Development and Project Governance, Minpromtogr of Russian Federation;
2015-2017 yy - head of Department of Technical Regulation and Standardisation, Rosstandard;
2017-2018 yy - head of Standardisation competence center of MSTU "STANKIN", Moscow;
2018 - until now - partner, GRT Consulting, LLC, Moscow (

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