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Tyler Allen

Duke University

About speaker

Tyler Allen is a Research Scientist at Duke University's Medical School. Allen's research on the molecular mechanisms of cancer cells has led to what is known as the Cancer Exodus Hypothesis. He was named to Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list. At the age 25, Allen is one of the youngest included in the “Science” category. Forbes singled him out for his research on how certain cancer and tumor cells exit the bloodstream to form new tumors, dubbed the cancer exodus hypothesis. Allen is also the lead author on a recent study that discovered that therapeutic stem cells leave the bloodstream in a different way than previously thought, a process the research team termed angiopellosis and is part of Allen’s doctoral dissertation. Last year, the National Cancer Institute awarded Allen a pre-doctoral fellowship. Allen’s insights into the ways cancer cells behave and therapeutic stem cells move are powerful weapons in the fight against cancer.

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