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Michael Akim


About speaker

Michel Akim
Position Vice President, Company ABB
Personal data
Born: 12.08.1964
Citizenship(s): United States/ Russian Federation
Education Michael Akim graduated from the Leningrad Technological Institute Industry in 1986 as Chemical Technology Engineer; in 1991 completed post-graduate studies at the Latvian Academy of Science with Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering; in 2000 graduated from IONA (USA) with an MBA in Marketing.
Work Experience
Michael Akim is the Vice President ABB in Russia.
In 1992 Mr. Akim moved to the United States where he worked in R&D, Technology and Product Development, at Rexam and subsequently with Champion Corporate Technology Group, which later became part of International Paper Company. In 2000 he joined Troy Chemicals as a Regional Manager, Eastern Europe. He also worked with Fisher International, an industry marketing and management consulting company, as Vice President of Research. In spring of 2006 Mr. Akim joined Emerson Process Management as a Industry Director, Europe. Since 2008 Mr. Akim works in Russian organization of ABB.
Mr. Akim’s industry experience includes twenty years in various roles from product and technology development to international business development. His career has spanned the globe both in business development and business project management. His technical experience covers a range from product and technology development to manufacturing process improvement, process trouble-shooting, vendor technology and equipment selection, technology transfer, scale-up and implementation
Michael is the Chairperson of Association of the European Business (AEB) Modernization and Innovation WG and Innovation Development FIAC WG; committed to identify areas for modernization and innovation, development of the Russian market, build relationship with Russian authorities: Ministries of Industry, Economic Development, Education and Science, Open Government, respective State Duma Committees, Strategic Initiatives Agency, FIAC, Skolkovo, Rosnano, RVC, RFDI, associations, federal services, etc