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Pavel Luksha

Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO

About speaker

Pavel Luksha is a global thinker, change catalyst, and facilitator working with systemic social innovations in education, business, social entrepreneurship, culture, and urban development. Pavel is the Professor of Practice at Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO and the founder of Global Education Futures, an international platform for transformation of education. Also, he is a co-founder of Global Change Leaders international movements of educational innovators, an international faculty of the Technological Institute of Buenos Aires (ITBA), and the Education Partner of Global Venture Alliance. He is the co-author of the Rapid Foresight methodology, and in 2012-15 has been the program director of a globally unique Foresight Fleet. He was the member of the Expert Council of the Russian Agency for Strategic Initiatives, and the organizer of ASI “Boiling Point” coworking spaces. In 2015, he was the Chair of BRICS Skills Development Working Group. In 2009-13, he worked with technology innovation management education, authored Skolkovo-Rosatom program (that received EFMD Excellence in Practice Award), and co-founded Russian R&D Directors Club. He also initiated and catalyzed NeuroNet initiative which since 2014 has become Russian national consortium in brain research and neural technologies. He is the lead author of numerous Global Education Futures reports, including “Educational Ecosystems for Societal Transformation” (2018), “Future Skills: How to Thrive in a New Complex World” (2017), “Global Education Futures Agenda” (2014) (all available at, and the “Atlas of Emerging Jobs”, one of the most detailed global compendiums of new and emerging jobs (available at - works that have catalyzed systemic innovations in Russian education system and across emerging economies.

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