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Shanfeng Dong

Bluepath City Consulting

About speaker

Mr. Shanfeng Dong graduated from the London School of Economics and Political Science in 1999, and pioneered Urban Practice on Sustainable Development in China since 2002. Started from the first world-leading Eco-city in Dongtan(Shanghai), Shanfeng expanded his involvement with Smart Sustainable and Standardization in China leading city regions within Beijing, Tianjin, Qingdao, and Hangzhou, covering 8,470 sq kilos land in total, which accommodates 40 million people.
Shanfeng co-founded the first Green Building Research Institute in China in 2011, specializing in green building standard evaluation. Shanfeng has actively participated ISO/TC268/WG1 since 2013, and is the co-convener of ISO 37104, also the convener of ISO/IEC 17021-8.
Shanfeng has successfully supported the establishment of several international initiatives, including the Sino-French WG of Standardization Cooperation on Sustainable Business District, the Sino-UK WG of Standardization Cooperation on Data Management for Sustainable Cities, also the International Smart Sustainable City Club.