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Aleksander Poniewierski


About speaker

Aleksander Poniewierski is the Global IoT Leader at EY, being responsible for leading the Advisory Practice focused on the development of Strategy, Design, Implementation, Process Optimization, Business Model Innovation, Security and Protection for global Clients in both Consumer and Industrial IoT. He is a globally recognized expert in the field of Cybersecurity and Critical Infrastructure Protection.
Previously, Aleksander led the IoT/OT Advisory Practice for the EMEIA region. Throughout his career, he built the IT Advisory practice in Poland and CSE, where he led numerous IT and OT projects for some of the largest companies in the region. Before joining EY, Aleksander was responsible for managing IT Security at telecommunication companies.
Aleksander graduated from Upper Silesian University in 1997 with a Master’s degree in Information Technology. He received his Ph.D. in Economics from Poznan University of Economics. Additionally, he has participated in many Executive Programs provided by Harvard Business School, Carnegie Mellon University and LMD University.
He is an Advisory Council Member of the Center for Global Business at the University of Texas in Dallas (UDT). Aleksander is the author of many publications as well as a recognized keynote speaker at numerous conferences related to Cyber Security and IoT/OT. Furthermore, he seats in the steering commitee of TMForum, IoE and Digital Economy.