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Robert Solomon

National Fire Protection Association

About speaker

Robert is the Director of NFPA’s Built Environment Codes and Systems group. He oversees the operation of the 14 team members who have responsibility for NFPA codes dealing with life safety, building construction, water based fire protection systems, risk and hazard assessment, energy storage systems and related safety issues for the built environment. He is Chair of the NFPA Healthcare Interpretations Task Group and the ISO TC 268, Sustainable Cities and Communities, WG3. He has authored and served as an editor for numerous NFPA publications dealing with automatic sprinkler systems, fire and life safety inspections, and general fire protection engineering topics. He has envisioned, managed and led several workshops for NFPA on health care fire safety, automatic sprinkler systems, and building safety/security. He is a frequent lecturer at the University of Maryland, Worcester Polytechnic Institute and the Rhode Island School of Design.

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