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Mikhail Filonov


About speaker

Filonov M. R. 1978 entered the Moscow Institute of steel and alloys. In 1984 he graduated from the physics and chemistry Department of the Theory of metallurgical processes and entered the full-time graduate school of MISIS.
In 1989 he defended his thesis on specialty 05.16.02 - " metallurgy of ferrous metals "on the topic:"Improving the technology of obtaining amorphous materials based on the study of physical and chemical properties of amorphous melts." In 2001 he defended his doctoral dissertation on the specialty 05.02.01 - " materials Science (metallurgy) "on the topic:"development of the theory and technology of the amorphization process based on the study of physical and chemical properties of Fe-B and Co-B melts."
Since 2009, he is a Professor in the specialty 05.02.01 " materials Science (metallurgy)".
From 1989 to 1992-researcher of the Department Of theory of metallurgical processes; from 1993-senior researcher of the same Department. Since 2003 Filonov M. R. works as a Professor of the Department of high-Temperature processes, materials and diamonds, since 2011 renamed the Department of Functional nanosystems and high-temperature materials (Fnsivtm). Currently, Filonov M. R. conducts various types of training sessions, reads courses "Amorphous and nanocrystalline materials obtained by quenching from melts", "Methods of physical and chemical research", "Physical and chemical research of materials and processes", "Thermodynamics and kinetics of amorphizing systems" for undergraduate and graduate students in various fields. Filonov M. R. is the head of the Laboratory of medical materials established in 2004 on the basis of MISIS and GIREDMET, which since 2008 became part of the scientific and educational center "Nanomaterials and nanotechnologies" of nust "MISIS", which he headed. Since 2009, he holds the position of Vice-rector for science and innovation; on the part of the University is a Professor of the Department of Fnsivtm, and since 2003 he is elected to this position by competition.
Research interests of Filonov M. R. include physical chemistry and technology of inorganic materials (ceramics, cermets, amorphous and nanocrystalline materials and coatings, metal and ion melts), metallurgy of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, materials science, medical materials, organizational issues in the field of science and education.
9 candidate's theses (Abdul-Fattah, A. Taranov, M. G., Shulzhenko, A. M.) were successfully defended under the scientific supervision of M. Filonov. Ivanov, Anikin, D., Pecherkin, K., Kostitsyn, Tsvetkova, E., Zhukova, S.), more than 50 diploma works.
Under the leadership of Filonov M. R. scientific and technological sites on the areas of MISIS are created and successfully work.
Filonov M. R. is a member of Dissertation councils DD 212.132.02 at the national research technological University "MISIS".
He is also the leader and participant of a large number of research projects, including government contracts and agreements, government assignments, as well as international projects.
Filonov M. R. is a member of the editorial Board of "Izvestiya vuzov. Ferrous metallurgy", is a coordinator of the technological platform "materials and technologies of metallurgy", a member of the Scientific and technical Council of the Board of Directors of JSC "RUSNANO".
Filonov M. R. was awarded the medal "in honor of the 850 anniversary of Moscow", the gold medal of the XI Moscow International salon of inventions and innovative technologies" Archimedes-2008", the medal of MGO VOIR" for high contribution to the development of invention " (2013), the gold medal of Chinese Innovation and Invention Society, Taiwan (2014).