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Yoshiaki Ichikawa

Tama University

About speaker

Dr. Ichikawa (Yoshi) received Dr. Eng. degree in 1987 from the University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan. In 1979 he was first engaged in robotics, artificial intelligence, network management. In 2000 he started providing consulting in the environmental issues to leading companies in Japan. In 2005 he joined in Environmental Strategy Office and provided internal consulting to group companies. Since 2013, He has been with International standardization office giving advice to international standardization activities throughout Hitachi group. In 2016 he started heading Chief Architect Office in Research and Development Group. His international activities include a member of IEC Advisory Committee for Environmental Aspects, the chair of ISO TC 268/SC1 (Smart Community Infrastructures). He received Thomas Edison Award from IEC in 2016. He is also a visiting professor of Tokyo City University (Faculty of Environmental Studies) and Tama University (Center for Rule Making Strategy Research).

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