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Arkady Dvorkovich

Skolkovo Foundation

About speaker

Arkady Dvorkovich was born on March 26, 1972 in Moscow to the family of Galina and Vladimir Dvorkovich who was a well known international arbiter and organizer.

Arkady engaged in chess since the early childhood and played actively in his student years.

In 1989 Arkady finished the school No.444 in Moscow with in-depth study of mathematics and programming. In 1994 Arkady Dvorkovich graduated from the economics department of the Moscow State University and also got his Master in Economics degree from the New Economic School. In 1997 he graduated from the Duke University (North Carolina, USA) as a Master of Arts.

In the late 1990s Arkady Dvorkovich headed the Economic Expert Group, one of the leading economic think tanks in Russia. In 2000 – 2004 he served as a Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Trade, and in 2004 he became the Head of Russian Presidential Experts Directorate.

Following Dmitry Medvedev's victory in the presidential elections (2008), Dvorkovich was appointed as an Aide to the President of Russia, and representative in G8 and G20 fora. Following 2012 presidential elections he was appointed to the position of Deputy Prime-Minister and was responsible for a broad area of public policies including energy, agriculture, natural resources, transport, telecommunications, civil industries, science and innovation as well as sports.

Today he serves as a Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the New Economic School that was named the best Russian university in the most recent Forbes education rating.

He is also a Council Co-chairman for the Skolkovo Innovation Development Foundation - the flagship technological initiative in Russia.

Arkady Dvorkovich has served as the Chairman of the local organizing committee for the FIFA World Cup-2018 that was universally praised as one of the best organized global sport events in history.

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