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Natasha Floksy


About speaker

Natasha Floksy was born in St. Petersburg on December 26, 1987. When she was five years old, her parents took the girl to art school, because her parents had a lot of work and there was no one to deal with the required attention as a child. A year later, Natasha entered the gymnasium.

At the age of fourteen, the girl got a job at a computer assembly company. Before entering university she studied programming, graduated with honors from an art school.
Natasha entered the National Institute of Design and left for the time of her studies in Moscow. In parallel to studying at the institute. Confidence that it was not accepted.
After that, for 8 years she helped her business to her ex-husband and then began to do business in her own company: the VRAR lab. The VRAR lab in the shortest possible time has become a leader in the development of marketing solutions related to virtual and augmented reality. Among the clients were Mercedes, Hyundai, Kaspersky Lab, Beeline, Alfa-Bank, BMW, Sberbank, Gazprom Neft and others.
However, due to disagreements with partners, in August 2017 it was decided to leave the company.

At the end of 2017, Floksy decided to implement an innovative project in education, so Cerevrum appeared. The main idea was to create a grocery solution, using virtual reality, aimed at working with the corporate segment. So a solution appeared - Skill Hub, which helps to consolidate new acquired knowledge and skills more efficiently and faster than from methods using realistic simulations. As it turned out during the pilot projects, the system of training on the state of virtual reality, but also to accelerate the adaptation of new employees, increase work efficiency and diligence of employees to work.