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Vasyl Latsanych


About speaker

Vasyl Latsanych was appointed as Chief Executive Officer of VimpelCom PJSC on January 10, 2018.

Vasyl has extensive experience in telecommunication industry, IT-technologies, and digital services. He is involved in the telecom industry since 2001, most of the time at the managing positions in MTS Group, where his most recent role was Vice President for Strategy and Marketing in the Group’s HQ in Moscow. He was responsible at this position for the company-wide commercial and strategical initiatives as well as for customer experience transformation, and digital development.

Prior to working in telecommunications, Vasyl had gained vast experience in marketing and sales development, being responsible for local market development of global brands and products for the Russian and Ukrainian offices of Coca-Cola.

Vasyl graduated from the N. Lysenko State Higher Institute in Lviv, also having obtained the MBA degree at London Business School.