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Alexander Molodyk


About speaker

Alexander Molodyk is a Chief Technology Officer at SuperOx and S-Innovations. He is responsible for the production of 2G HTS wire, as well as research and development activities related to 2G HTS wire manufacturing and its further integration into HTS devices such as cables, fault current limiters, coils, rotating machines, etc.
After earning PhD in Chemistry at Moscow State University, Alexander worked for 2 years on Metal Organic Chemical Vapour Deposition (MOCVD) of HTS films at Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation in Sydney, Australia.
In 2002-2010, as Chief Scientist, he led the development of 2G HTS wire fabrication technology at Metal Oxide Technologies (MetOx) in Houston, USA. At MetOx, Alexander built a top-notch technical team, developed from scratch an economical manufacturing technology and secured competitive government and private funding. He fostered productive collaboration with US National Labs and universities, as well as with international research teams and private companies.
His top-level expertise in superconductor processing and applications combined with the extensive international experience help him succeed at his current role at SuperOx.

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