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Life Science 2030: science, business and government

ZHUKOVSKY HALL, October 16 10:00 — 11:15

Life Science 2030: Science, Business and State

In recent years, the biotech sector has been rich in scientific discoveries, and among them it is worth noting the advances in genetics and stem cell therapy, perspectives for genome editing, bioprinting of tissues, personalized medicine, and artificial intelligence. In addition to scientific success, breakthroughs in increasing life expectancy are among the key tasks of the Russian health care system. Moreover, medicine could not stand aside from the digitization. The scale and pace of biotechnologies development have forced the government and business to reconsider the existing approaches and move towards joint R&D models, introduce new regulatory tools and business approaches, develop solutions at the intersection of technological trends, including cellular and IT technologies.

Topics for discussion:

  • Representatives of science and business, startups and regulators will discuss together measures to be taken with the aim of ensuring the flow of new ideas and products in the field of health and successfully integrating into the global market.
  • What technological solutions are waiting for us in the coming years?
  • What elements of public policy most effectively contribute to the R&D localization?
  • What tools should Russia use to successfully compete on the international R&D market in the field of biotechnology?