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Energy sector digitalization: threats or opportunities for leading players

TROITSK HALL, October 16 10:00 — 11:15

Digitisation is actively getting into all the industries and every day it becomes part of the increasing number of aspects of our daily life. Energy is no exception to the rule, and preserving the global leadership of the Russian Fuel & Energy Complex (FEC) is unfeasible without active participation in this digital race. FEC companies are mastering big data technologies and artificial intelligence (AI), implement smart network technologies, smart technologies for fields, mines and open-casts, and create digital twins of various objects. The state, in its turn, is proactively working on stardardising IoT systems, developing technical regulation and ensuring security of implementing digital solutions in the FEC. However, the proliferation of digital technologies in energy may have a ambiguous impact on the positions of the states and the companies that are currently the world FEC leaders. On the one hand, these technologies expand the opportunities of the today’s leaders, bring profit to the state, FEC companies and energy resource consumers. On the other hand, the digital technology penetration enables to optimise energy and energy resource consumption, i.e. to decrease the demand for the FEC products.

Topics for discussion:

  • What challenges for the state and companies is energy digitisation bringing along?
  • What should the industry leaders do given the new conditions: invest in digital technology in order to increase the efficiency of the existing business operations or try to build brand new business models?
  • What result is expected from implementing specific digital technologies in the FEC?
  • In what ways does the FEC digitisation affect our economy and daily life in general?