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Innovator-futurist. Tools to be used by corporations of the future to innovate?

KAZAN HALL, October 16 16:00 — 17:15

Large companies operate in the conditions of rapid and fundamental changes that occur in most industries: breakthrough technologies are emerging, the speed of introduction new developments is increasing, the product life cycle is decreasing, new players are appearing, digital transformation trends are becoming stronger. In these conditions, large companies are forced to quickly adapt to the changing environment. Today, the arsenal of corporate innovation tools has expanded significantly. However, the effective application of this arsenal requires both internal transformations in corporations and changes in their external interactions. The need for new competencies and approaches to work, the allocation of significant resources for innovative development are particularly essential.
Nowadays both abroad and in Russia, large companies are the sources of most global innovations that form the demand for innovation, playing a key role in the innovation process. What is their role in the future?

Topics for discussion:

  • What are the key features of corporate innovation in the corporations of the future (processes, people, resources, approaches, culture)?
  • Corporate accelerators, hackathons, domestic business programs, corporate funds are popular tools today, but is it enough to provide a way to a bright future? What new corporate innovation tools should replace or supplement them?
  • How to strike a balance between innovation in a company and key business processes?
  • How can large companies become the engine of radical innovation in Russia? What is required from corporations, the state and development institutions?