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All the venture’s power. Foundations funds as market instruments for direct and venture investments

KOROLEV HALL, October 16 11:30 — 12:45

The development of an innovative economy requires significant investment resources. Abroad, the funds of institutional investors occupy a significant share in the financing of innovative projects. The lack of investment resources negatively affects the development of technology companies. Today, about 15% of funds raised by private equity and venture capital investment accounts for funds of funds. Attracting additional resources allows you to scale the business of technology companies, increase sales and enter foreign markets.
Institutional investors, including APFs, have a significant share in the financing of innovative projects. An important tool in terms of the professional participation of APFs and institutional investors are funds of funds. Another important element of the infrastructure is the formation of instruments for placing innovative companies on the stock exchanges. Currently, the Moscow Exchange, together with the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Russia, is implementing a project to stimulate the entry of technology companies into the public market.

  • Why do we need funds of funds for investors? Funds of funds - a necessary element of the PEVC market or an extra intermediary?
  • Risk and return management FoF:
              - FoF investment strategies;
              - VoF value creation tools: effective selection of managers (approach and criteria for selecting managers), services for management companies and their portfolios.
  • Entering tools.
             - The public market is private. How much is the exchange needed for technology companies - is it imperative or are there other options for the strategy?
             - What support tools are needed for companies - future issuers and investors?