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New technologies for business and society: to seek, to develop, or to evolve?

KOLTSOVO HALL, October 16 15:30 — 16:45

New industrial technologies, including digital technologies, not only make it possible to increase efficiency, stability and safety in many sectors of the economy, but can also help resolve current social challenges where traditional methods do not work or would require a huge investment of resources. The search for optimal technological solutions concerns all those who make up the demand for the development of new products that can bring about positive changes: the state (specifically, development institutes); private business (specifically, investors, the venture capital industry, companies in the relevant sector, and infrastructure companies - which are potential purchasers of innovative technology); and society, (the potential users of promising technological solutions). However, all participants in the market have their own goals and their own tools for evaluating and searching for new technological projects - which, depending on the needs of the company in question, may range from holding open tenders to select ready projects using the criteria applied by investment funds, to accelerating start-ups.

  • Which tools for finding and introducing new technological projects (i.e. tenders or accelerating start-ups)
    are most effective in which situations?
  • Can “venture philanthropy” promote technological progress by involving the community in
    dealing with social challenges?

Discussions are being held with representatives of funds, investment and technology companies to consider these issues. As part of the sessions the results of the HardTech Round competition for industrial technology projects will be assessed, and new initiatives by companies seeking to develop the innovation sector will be presented - including the major Odyssey research project to develop new-generation search and rescue technologies.