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The Golden Mean. The balance of the state and private capital as a key factor for the the venture business development

PUSHCHINO HALL, October 16 17:30 — 18:45

As of today, the key state initiatives for venture investment market development consist in changing the legislation in the venture investment sphere, increasing the market transparency, developing initiatives for venture market development. To obtain the optimal result in this process, it is necessary to take into consideration the interests of businesses and the professional community. How to elaborate an optimal mechanism of interaction among the key parties in order that the venture market in Russia could develop in the right way?

  • Venture market development strategy as a new vector for industry development
  • Synchronization of state programs for innovations sector development with business initiatives of the professional community.
  • Criteria of efficiency of joining the public and the private capital
  • Actual instrument of state support for the venture industry in Russia and abroad
  • Formalization of the existing mechanisms of venture market transparency
  • Mechanisms for disclosing information about venture industry
  • Overcoming the long money deficit for financing innovation companies