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All for one. Partnership as a model to enter new markets

KOLTSOVO HALL, October 16 10:00 — 11:15

One of the major indicators of the next wave companies (that nowadays are classified under digital economy) is the capacity for cooperation, alliances, entering external partnership. Factors for success of these type of companies are the ability to have mutual benefits from the cooperation in launching common goods and services. Furthermore, such a model of company engagement imposes obligations of total transparency, for which large companies find themselves not ready for, whether such obligations consist in opening big data of the users, technical characteristics and properties of hi-tech products, etc. For traditional industrial companies, especially for monopolistic companies, which account for the major part of the country’s economy, it becomes a serious challenge. Moreover, quite often, for a number of companies that are currently losing their positions in the market significantly the only possible condition for strengthening their positions is a strategy of forming consortiums for producing new competitive products, that comes laden with new added value, an opportunity to decrease production losses and cost, etc.
Companies that work on implementing the digital transformation objective are forced to change from the product-centered to the client-centered business management model. It means that the client comes into the position of a partner participating in the development of the company products in the traditional understanding.

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