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Industrial IoT: Inside the New Cyber-Physical Realty

ZHUKOVSKY HALL, October 17 11:30 — 12:45

The introduction of IoT into production processes is a new, and for some frighteningly bold step towards the evolution of their enterprise. The process of continuous production can only benefit from data collection and analysis: receiving “Big Data” on the state of wear and tear of the equipment in real time can reduce downtime in discrete production and avoid this downtime in a continuous cycle. When considering a manufacturing giant, the introduction of industrial IoT can lead to millions in savings. For enterprises with legacy infrastructure, IoT is indispensable in optimizing and updating the production process.
What problems in the process of industrial IoT implementation are solved by enterprises today?
Who owns the data and how can it be protected?
IoT economy in manufacturing: which solutions provide the maximum effect and which have not justified themselves?
The mathematics of data - who counts what in industrial enterprises?
Why is the Internet of Things still not being implemented on a mass scale, despite its obvious benefits?
Why are new Internet of Things platforms constantly being created? Do consumers really need this? Will this process lead to the integration of platforms or the emergence of a single huge platform?