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Mechanisms and Digital Infrastructure of Cooperation in BRICS

KOLTSOVO HALL, October 17 13:00 — 14:15

A new innovation platform is currently emerging among the BRICS countries. It carries global potential and brings new opportunities for small and medium-sized innovative enterprises of these countries. At the same time, one of the main obstacles to the innovative development of the BRICS countries is the low demand for innovation on the part of business.

  • What are the existing measures to support innovation in the BRICS countries (including private and public sector)?
  • What initiatives in this area have been proven effective (examples of successful business cases)?
  • Do the innovation capabilities of BRICS countries compete with or complement each other?
  • Joint mechanisms of the innovation cooperation between BRICS countries: from commercialization to the industrialization of innovations. What kind of support is needed to achieve this?
  • What potential does such cooperation hold and what stands on the way of implementing it?
  • What are the BRICS countries’ most promising industries and/or sectors for joint innovation cooperation?
  • What are the most relevant directions for the mutual transfer of innovative technologies?
  • Are there prospects for creating a common market for innovative goods and services among the BRICS countries?
  • What are the prospects and requirements for the creation and design of modern distributed digital infrastructure in the framework of such cooperation?