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Mr. Nobody: Cybersecurity of Personal Identity and Million Ways to Loose it

DUBNA HALL, October 17 13:00 — 14:15

In Russia, 90 million people use the Internet. In the world, the number is 4 billion (according to the analytical agency We Are Social). And each one of them leaves a unique digital footprint. The global digitalisation of economy is a means of improving the quality of life and increasing the efficiency of industries. But it contributes to zettabytes of data being generated without a clear legal status.

What is considered personal, private, or open data and how can it be used by cybercriminals?

How can the personal profiles and digital traces of company managers and employees be used for cyber-intelligence and attacks on the corporation?

How can big data analysis algorithms be used in cyber attacks? Digital personality substitution has already become a fact. So what threat does it pose for a person or company?

New personal digital reality: how does a person live in it and what are the leading organizations for battling cyber crime fighting against?