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Technology transfer: from Science to Industry

TROITSK HALL, October 17 14:30 — 15:45

The role of science in overcoming technological barriers faced by the industry within the framework of the national technological development strategy cannot be underestimated. But to implement this, we need well-established mechanisms that would allow to continuously commercialize developments. This can be accomplished by a constant transfer of requests from the industry to the scientific environment, which would stimulate developments focused on the market and the needs of major players. Some of the elements of this system are technology transfer centers. The transfer mechanism itself can protect the rights and interests of all participants in the transfer chain, from researchers to companies that commercialize the ready technology. It can also be an effective tool for involving scientists in the commercialization of their developments.
The main objectives of technology transfer centers: will their role change in the implementation of the strategy of scientific and technological development and digitalisation?
Intellectual property rights protection: how to secure technology that can be commercialized?
The major obstacles to technology transfer today: how can we build the fastest route from research and development to final solutions and products?
Technology transfer for small innovative companies and corporations: is there a difference? And if so, how should the participants of the technology transfer chain deal with it?