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Involving universities in development of commercially successful products and technologies

TROITSK HALL, October 17 11:30 — 12:45

An unrivaled trend has currently appeared in Russia. Its aim is to strengthen the interaction between universities and businesses compared to other world countries. However, to overcome technological barriers in "market" areas, the degree of university involvement in practical work is insufficient today. International practice shows that one of the most promising ways of involving universities is to encourage the creation of university centers for applied research in breakthrough technologies.
In Russia, a network of specialized centers of the National Technological Initiative has been established for these purposes with Russian universities and scientific organizations as its foundation. They are developing innovative solutions for the markets of the National Technology Initiative. These solutions will ensure the global leadership of Russian high-tech companies.

Topics for discussion:
How can universities and research organizations remain actively involved in working with business and respond to ever-changing market and technology demands?
What form of interaction with universities is most relevant for business and why?
How can one formulate universities’ scientific agenda for transferring technologies to promising markets?
How does one prepare leaders for developing new technologies?
How does one ensure effective work of the center of competencies?