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Corporate phoenixes: New R&D generation in corporations

KAZAN HALL, October 17 13:00 — 14:15

We live in an era of open innovation. Corporations have no need to invent products since everything is available in the open market of startups. However, despite the fact that opportunities for the exchange of ideas are growing, we see the resurgence of something decidedly traditional: a corporate research and development (R&D) department. The concentration of scientific talent in companies such as Bell Labs and Xerox once guaranteed innovation, but since then many corporate R&D divisions have lost their sheen, and price pressure has made them less viable. Agile development approaches with dynamic requirements allowed even small startups to effectively compete with market leaders. However, a new generation of corporate R&D departments has emerged that have adapted to the new realities. New work models behind the revival of such research departments have consequences for any large company’s most innovative efforts.

  • What should be the focus of an innovation policy aimed at supporting corporate R&D departments?
  • What new effective management methods for developing R&D departments in corporations exist?
  • What projects are worthy of research in corporate laboratories?