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Post-analogue children and their future. Finding and developing talent in the country

ZHUKOVSKY HALL, October 15 11:00 — 12:15

Among a wide range of modern and not so professions, children often choose the most creative and even strange professions, according to the conservative view of their parents, ‘digital immigrants’. Currently, it is old-fashioned to be just a driver, a teacher or a doctor. Other professions, which may seem to be a child's whim, are trendy, such as vlogger, coder or ‘cybersportmanship’. However, the world is really changing, and this process is very transient and spasmodic. Activities viewed as mindless hobbies today, may become sources of the latest technological or scientific inventions tomorrow. By engaging children and teenagers in extra-curricular activities related to breakthrough technologies and creative approaches to solving problems, the state may prepare a platform for a future technological breakthrough on a national scale.
● What industries require training from an early age?
● How can we generate and manage the “input flow” of young specialists?
● Do technoparks prepare children for global competition, and not just for solving local issues?
● How to encourage “adults” (companies and corporations) to take children's technological creativity seriously?
● Are universities ready to accept advanced students and to continue their education at the level relevant to future employers?