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Russian Atlas Shrugging: Scientific and Economic Basis for Technological Breakthrough

KAZAN HALL, October 17 10:00 — 11:15

How do we develop technologies that can respond to major challenges? How do we increase the share of innovative products contributing to the gross domestic product? How do we bring knowledge-intensive domestic technologies to new markets and increase the productivity of research conducted by Russian scientists? In order to find answers to these questions, a strategic plan is required that determines the goals and key tasks aimed at sustainable, dynamic and balanced scientific and technological development of the country. The Scientific and Technological Development Strategy of Russia may become exactly such a solution. It reflects the consolidated position of more than 200 representatives of the scientific community, business, innovation development institutions, civil society and government. What is the international experience in forming and implementing such strategies? Approximately 20 regions of Russia can become platforms for the implementation of the Strategy, once pilot models are fine-tuned. Therefore, it is critically important that the authors and ideologues openly and publicly explain the main points of the strategy. Within the framework of the forum, we’ll regard the strategy through the eyes of countries that have followed a similar path and will also clarify the main difficulties they faced at the initial stage.
What major challenges for society and the state does the Scientific and Technological Development Strategy meet?
What are Russia's scientific and technological development priorities for the next 10 years?
What are the mechanisms for implementing the strategy?
How are the strategy and NTI projects connected?