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Learning «disrupted». AR, VR, AI, IoT and other modern education technologies

DUBNA HALL, October 15 11:00 — 12:15

Information and communication technologies are gradually “disrupting” all the spheres of education and its processes. In the near future artificial intelligence will be capable of performing administrative functions in an educational institution by scheduling classes, checking homework, and monitoring students’ assimilation of materials; virtual and augmented reality will both increase the quality of information uptake by the students as well as the flexibility of the education process for teachers; while the Internet of Things will provide an opportunity to create individual learning pathways with convenient formats, effective testing and automated progress reports.
● What technologies should be used to ensure a person acquires new skills and competencies most effectively?
● How will the rejection of universal educational standards affect the quality of education process?
● How the usual teacher’s functions will change with the emergence of information technologies?
● What state and international programs aimed at the digitalization of education exist today?