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CEO and CDO. Tandem of digital transformation

KAZAN HALL, October 16 17:30 — 18:45

According to a survey of global companies carried out by SAP and Oxford Economics, 84% of global companies consider that within the next 5 years their survival will depend on digital transformation. The Gartner research agency has found that one in five companies around the world has already started this process of transformation. Their data shows that, by 2019, 90% of companies will have their own CDO, or Chief Digital Officer. The CDO is currently one of the positions in greatest demand, especially for industrial companies.

  • The global context of digitalisation: new business models, big data, project management, change management
  • The role of the CEO and CDO: defining their areas of responsibility
  • What organisational decisions need to be taken when a CDO is appointed?
  • What business tasks should the CDO deal with, and what should their responsibilities and KPIs be?
  • What kind of resources and team does a CDO need in order to carry out the digitalisation process? Where can they be obtained from?
  • CDO - CDTO (Chief Digital Transformation Officer) - management of strategic change as a key competence
  • Presentation of the results of international research into the role of the CDO

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