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Universidigit. Digitalization of universities as a fad or inevitable progress?

KOROLEV HALL, October 15 11:00 — 12:15

The leapfrog nature of technological development and large-scale digitalization of the economy in recent years have been exerting an ever-increasing influence on the core social institutions. The education sphere, which remained conservative over a 100-year period, is coming under increasing pressure that is forcing it to change in order to meet the latest technological and societal demands. For universities, digitalization is not only turning into an unavoidable challenge but also creating new opportunities. Many foreign universities are already developing and implementing digital strategies by investing substantial resources into enhancing their infrastructure. Progressive Russian universities are also beginning to take steps towards this transformation. Universities’ competitiveness in the future depends on how successfully they seize the digital technology potential today.
● What technologies will determine university’s digitalization agenda? How will these technologies incur change in universities?
● Should we “reinvent the wheel” by initiating the university digital transformation from scratch or can benchmarks from other industries be used?
● How do we quantify the effect of introduced innovations and understand whether these digital changes are producing desired results?
● How does the digitalization of Russian universities influence their competitiveness on a global scale?
● Are smart campuses a privilege of rich universities or a benchmark for a wide range of universities?