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The evolution of talent management. A talent for managing talent in digital era

KOLTSOVO HALL, October 15 12:30 — 13:45

Digitalization has become the driving force of change in different industries, and their transformation is only accelerating. The pace of digital breakthrough can be measured in months, while organization and its staff require years to fully adopt fundamental changes in their work. Certainly, change management at a personnel level is the main bottleneck in a company’s digital transformation. And although adaptation of new technologies continues to be the main aim, the corporate world has never before faced such an acute need of continuously developing talent within organizations. This is the main reason why the roles of chief learning and talent officers gain prominence.
● How can a company decide whether it needs a CLO or a CTO? What is the difference in their responsibilities for private and state companies?
● How should a CLO and a CTO interact with one another to ensure best results?
● What are CLO’s and CTO’s work specifics in Russia and abroad?
● What foreign best practices have been integrated into Russian companies and what are the outcomes?