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Synergy model. Creating innovative education environment

KAZAN HALL, October 15 15:30 — 16:45

At a current stage of the education market development, multiple players present in any city and ranging from fairly small start-up enthusiasts to large government organizations, are all tightly intertwined in their interaction. Developing cooperation between these players is no simple task, as the traditional formal education system is fairly closed in nature, and creators of grassroot innovation projects do not always understand how they can integrate them organically into the existing system. The goal of the stakeholders of the education process has become to not only establish cooperation among various organizations and subjects, but to create an holistic environment that ensures multifaceted development of all of its actors.
● What approaches and models for cooperation among various market players (government organizations, formal education, informal education and others) exist?
● How can we transform this cooperation into an innovative educational environment?